Mount Kazbek summit 5,033 meters ASL (16,515 feet)

900 USD
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August 29 – September 5, 2024
Group size
8 days
Kazbek is an extinct volcano, just like Elbrus. It is one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus, located on the border of Russia and Georgia.

The ascent to Kazbek is not technically difficult. The ascent from Georgia to Kazbek is comparable to Elbrus, even a little easier due to the altitude.
Suitable for beginners
Altitude difficulty
Technical difficulty
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Summit Day
It will be an Ascent to Kazbek and descent to 3600m alt. Exit at 2-4:00 o'clock. Climbing to the summit from the ascent camp takes about 8 hours. Descent takes 6 hours. Accommodation is in tents or at the Meteorological station at 3600m.
Day 5
This is a day with an acclimatisation walk (4000-4200 m alt.), duration 6 hours. It will be snow and ice training on movement, on snow and ice terrain.
Day 4
This is a gathering of the group in Kazbek (Stepansminda) at 15:00, then it will be an acquaintance with guides and other participants and equipment check. Overnight is in a quest house.

It will be provided a transfer from Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz airports.
Day 1
Our first outing will be to an amazing beautiful place both in scenery and atmosphere! This is Gergeti Trinity Church, located at an altitude of 2170 meters altitude. Lunch, then we climb up to the Arsha pass (2930 meters altitude). After that we descend to Stepantsminda.

It will be a discussion of our further plans and all the details of the trek during an evening tea, then we will pack rucksacks and adjust equipment. Overnight stay is in a guest house.
Day 2
Meteorological station, 3600 m
In the morning we will take a jeep to the church, then we will hike. We will walk through alpine meadows, and at the end we will descend from the pass on the stony slope to Seberce glade.

It will take 6-8 hours to reach the meteorological station (3600 m alt.).

The first part of the way is stony along moraines, the second part of the way is along Gerget glacier, and the final ascent from the glacier to the meteorological station along steep scree slope. Accommodation will be in tents. Accommodation at the meteorological station is possible for extra charge. Then it will be a Dinner. It is possible to deliver personal equipment on horses to the Meteorological station for extra charge (up to 65 kg).
Day 3
Spare day
Reserve day for inclement weather.
Day 6
Transfer to Kazbegi
Exit at 9:00 o'clock. Descent to the clearing to the temple of Tsminda Sameba. Further by car to Kazbegi. Accommodation is in a guest house.
Day 7
It can be organised transfer to Tbilisi or Vladikavkaz on demand.
Day 8
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29.08 - 05.09, 2024
Kazbek summit