The Kora (Parikarma) around Mount Kailash is a real pilgrimage. For Buddhists all over the world, Mount Kailas is sacred, they believe that a person who has completed the kora (circumambulation of the mountain) 108 times is completely freed from Mara and Maya, cleanses his/her consciousness and begins life outside the wheel of Samsara. Therefore, every year hundreds of pilgrims flock to Kailash from all corners of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, India, Nepal, China and other countries.

Upcoming dates
May 1 - 17, 2025
People in a group
up to 20
17 days
Altitude difficulty
Technical complexity
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5.000 USD

journey to the heart of Tibet

According to various sources, there were schools near Kailash, run by the Shambhala. But what is known for certain is a huge number of monasteries and sacred places in this area, testifying to the birth of Buddhism.

On the way to Kailash there are many ancient Buddhist monasteries that we will definitely visit. We will also spend the whole day in Shigatse, where one of the most important monasteries named Tashilunpo is located.
The program is designed for people with an average or minimum level of training, but it is important to understand that the Kora will be passed at altitudes of 4800-5600 meters above sea level. The journey takes 2.5 days. The entire distance is 53 km.


We decided to start this tour in Kathmandu for some reasons. Firstly, it makes it easier to apply for the permit to enter Tibet. Secondly, the road from Nepal to Tibet is stunningly beautiful. And thirdly, you will be able to see with your own eyes the amazing and unusual culture of both countries: Nepal and Tibet.
May 19 - June 4, 2025
The road to the border
with Tibet
Early in the morning we’ll drive to the border with Tibet, spend the night in a hotel on the Nepal side.
Day 5
Day in Kathmandu
Free day in Kathmandu, preparation for departure to Tibet.
Today you can just spend time in this city, buy some equipment, and take a walk.

Also today we will finally receive our documents, which means that our long-awaited journey to Tibet will begin tomorrow.
Day 4
The day of the gathering of the group in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is important to arrive on Sunday evening or on the night from Sunday to Monday in order to apply for a group Chinese visa and permits in the morning.
Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 1
Day in Kathmandu
In the morning we submit documents for visas and permits. Then we have free time in Kathmandu, which you can devote to sightseeing. There are a lot of places of interest in Kathmandu.

We’ll attend Swayambunath Temple, Durbar Square and Bodnath Stupa.
Day 2
Bhaktapur Town
Another day in Kathmandu. Today we will go to the town of masters Bhaktapur. It is only 15 km from Kathmandu. In the city you can immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of Nepal, as well as buy souvenirs.
Day 3
Kirong → Saga
A day on the way from Kirong to Saga. In Saga, we spend the night and on the next day we will go to the sacred alpine lake Manasarovar. On the way we will stop and take photos in beautiful places.
Day 7
Saga Lake Manasarovar
Early in the morning we leave the Saga for Lake Manasarovar. Today we will see Kailash for the first time!

For lunch we will stop in a beautiful place with prayer flags, a mountain river and a green meadow. We will arrive at Manasarovar at sunset and we’ll manage to walk along the lake shore. Or dinner will be a very simple meal. We’ll spend the night in a guesthouse right on the shore of the lake.
Day 8
Chiu Gompa Monastery
and arrival at the start of the Kora
In the morning, after a simple breakfast of boiled eggs and chapatis, we will go to the most important Buddhist monastery of Chiu Gompa, which means "Little Bird". Only 4 monks live in this monastery, and it was founded in the place of Guru Padmasambhava's meditations. The atmosphere in the monastery is amazing, most likely we will catch the morning Puja. After visiting the monastery, we leave for Gerong, from this place the Kora around the sacred Kailas begins. It's only 1 hour driving and we'll check into a hotel again. Today we pack our bags for porters, do some shopping and have a rest.
Day 9
Going from the border
to the town of Kirong
In the morning we cross the border of Nepal with Tibet, meet with our Tibetan guide and driver, and continue the trip. We’ll arrive in the town of Kirong and visit the monastery - the place of meditation of Yogi Milarepa.
Day 6
The Kora around Kailash
Our Kora begins today. Early in the morning at 6:30 a.m. we leave unnecessary luggage on the bus. At 7 am we have breakfast and start our journey. The Kora around Kailash is a pilgrimage. Many pilgrims come here because the locals believe that if you go around the mountain full circle, it will help you to create very important intentions for your future. With these thoughts, we start our journey. Night in a comfortable guest house after the 8 hours hike.
Day 10
The Kora around Kailash
The second day of the Kora and our most difficult day. We’ll have a very early exit, at 4:30-5 in the morning. Also today we have to overcome the pass — the hardest part on the way. We will go slowly and definitely reach our goal. Stay overnight at the guest house.
Day 11
The last day of Kora
and Tashilunpo Monastery
Today we’ll overcome a small segment, about 3 hours andl complete our pilgrimage. Immediately after that we’ll go to Saga, to a comfortable hotel with a hot shower and the usual food. But this is not the end of our program! We are waiting for a visit to one of the main Buddhist shrines — Tashilunpo Monastery.
Day 12
Saga Shigadze
Again we are going to spend the whole day on the way from Saga to Shigatse and arrive there around 6 pm. A day on the way is boring, but after the Kora you’ll like to have some rest. We’ll have a short stop to take photos in the local high desert.
Day 13
A day in Shigatse
Day in Shigatse, visit Tashilunpo Monastery and Guyantse Monastery.
Day 14
Shigadze Kirong
Transfer to Kirong to the border with Nepal.
Day 15
Kirong Kathmandu
Return to Kathmandu.
Day 16
Flight back home.
Day 17
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Kora around Mountain Kailash
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Kora around Mountain Kailash