MOUNT ARARAT SUMMIT TRIP 5,137 meters ASL (16,853 feet)

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8 days
Mount Ararat, a dormant volcano, is Turkey’s highest peak rising to 5,137 meters (16,853 feet) above sea level. Ararat is widely known not only for its beauty, but also for being described as the resting place of Noah's Ark.

The traditional Turkish hospitality makes this expedition easy and comfortable. Summit trips to Ararat are possible year-round due to the easy terrain and temperate weather conditions. This trip is suitable for beginners willing to experience altitude.
Suitable for beginners
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August 24 – 31, 2024
Summit Day
Our summit climb starts around 1:00 am after breakfast. 5-9 hour climb to the summit of the Ararat mount at 5,137 MASL (16,853 feet). Descent to Camp 2, rest, pack bags, continue to the Base camp. Dinner. Last night at base camp.
Day 5
Camp 2
After breakfast, ascend to Camp 2 at 4,100 meters ASL (13,451 feet). 3-4 hour hike. Light physical activities and preparation for the ascent in the afternoon. Early dinner at the campground. A night in tents at 4,100 meters ASL (13,451 feet).
Day 4
Arrival in Van airport (VAN), Turkey. Organized transfer from the airport to Doğubeyazıt town. Check-in at hotel. Trip briefing. Gear/equipment check.

Meals included: Dinner

Day 1
Çevirme Village to Base Camp
Early breakfast in hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the head of the trail. Our potters will handle your equipment and transfer it to the camp by mule. Participants carry small backpacks with essentials (snack, water, etc.). 4-6 hour hike (6 km=3.7 miles) to the base camp 3,300 meters ASL(10, 826 feet). Dinner at the campsite.
Day 2
Acclimatization Trip
5-7 hour hike to Camp 2, 4,100 meters ASL (13,451 feet) and back. Dinner at base camp. Second night in a tent at base camp at 3,300 meters ASL (10, 826 feet). The goal of this hike is to help acclimatization.
Day 3
Return to Doğubeyazıt
Breakfast at base camp, descent to the trailhead (3-4 hour hike), transfer to Doğubeyazıt town, check-in at hotel, dinner at the hotel.
Day 6
Extra Day
There is an emergency extra day in our program. Weather conditions on the mountain sometimes make the climb impossible. With an extra day, you’ll have a chance to wait for suitable weather conditions, or rest at the hotel after a successful ascent.
Day 7
Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Van airport (VAN).


From Van, one could transfer to any city in Turkey with a chance to spend time at the Mediterranean seashore, hike parts of the Lycian Way, explore ancient Greek ruins in Antalya; visit the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazar in Istanbul; or take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.
Cost is NOT included.

Day 8
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Ararat summit
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Ararat summit