Trekking to Annapurna base camp can rightfully be considered the 'opener' of Himalayan trekking. The main purpose of the entire trip is the base camp itself, located in the heart of the entire Annapurna mountain range. This trekking is considered as one of the most beautiful trekking in the Himalayas. But apart from the hiking part of the programme we will be able to immerse ourselves in the local life and culture, see how people live in such a mountainous and unusual country. The route is relatively short and comfortable because of accommodation and meals in gest-houses along the route. This trekking is very intense, but the altitude is not so much felt here, because the base camp is located at an altitude of only 4130 metres above sea level, and up to an altitude of 4000 metres the mountain slopes are covered with dense vegetation.

Apart from Kathmandu, travellers can enjoy Pokhara - this is Nepal's resort city with the amazing Phewa Lake, the peace stupa and sunrises on Mount Sarangkot. And at the end of the trekking, participants have possibility to relax in the hot springs of Jinu Danda.
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13 days
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Nepal Trekking to Annapurna Base camp

Suitable for beginners
Tadapani Chomrong
We have to cross a gorge on this day. After a steep descent almost to the bottom of the gorge, there will be a gentle climb to the village of Chomrong. We will be at the lodge by lunchtime and spend the rest of the day there recuperating for the next day. Chomrong is a large village with plenty of shops, cafes and coffee shops with freshly baked pastries – this is a good treat after a few days of trekking.

Trek is about 8 kilometres long.
Day 5
Ghorepani Poonhill Tadapani
Today we will start the day early: we go out with headlamps to greet the dawn on Poonhill at 5am. It is about 40 minutes to climb and we will reach the summit, at 3200m, with stunning views of the Annapurna massif and Dhaulagiri. Then we descend back into the jungle zone and continue through rhododendron thickets.

Towards evening we will come to the village of Tadapani. We will have a view of another significant peak of Nepal from here- Machhapuchare or Fish Tail - named so for the special shape of the peak massif. It is considered to be sacred in Nepal and it is forbidden to climb there. Nevertheless, it is memorable forever to see a view. Trekking about 10 km.
Day 4
Please plan your arrival with the earliest morning flight!

Your very first day in Nepal, home of the Himalayas. Immediately upon arrival at the airport, you will meet your driver who will take you to our cosy hotel in the tourist centre of Kathmandu, Thamel district. You will be able to rest after the road, then enjoy your dinner together with the team and all participants. We will go throw safety briefing, registration of passes and tickets to Annapurna National Park.

Today we need to finish all the preparations before leaving for the start of the trek the next day. If you plan to buy equipment, souvenirs or just walk around the city before the start of the trek and get deeper into the diverse culture of Nepal, please plan your arrival in Kathmandu in advance - one day will definitely not be enough for you.
Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 1
Transfer Kathmandu Pokhara Ulleri
Today is a long transfer from Kathmandu to the start of trekking. First we will get a comfortable bus that will take us to Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal. Along the way we will have a unique opportunity to see how Nepalese people live outside the hustle and bustle and dust of Kathmandu.

There are rice terraces, palm trees, mountain serpentines and rushing rivers all awaiting us on the way to Pokhara. We will not stay long in Pokhara, after lunch we will have a transfer from the bus to jeeps, which will take us to the beginning of the trekking route.
Day 2
Ulleri Ghorepani
One of the highlights of the trek to Annapurna base camp is the amazing nature of the jungle, through which we will be trekking for almost all the days of our trek. The rhododendrons give us the special colours of the Himalayan jungle. These beautiful flowers grow into massive trees here, covering the mountain slopes with different colours. And the fragrance can rightly be called unforgettable.

We reach the village of Ghorepani, as we continue to gain altitude. From here we can already see Dhaulagiri, one of the 14,000-metre peaks. It will be possible to see wild monkeys this day. Trekking about 8 kilometres, going up 900 metres.
Day 3
Chomrong Dovan
This is probably one of the toughest days on the entire trek to Annapurna base camp. We descend to the Chomrong Khola river from Chomrong village. We are going up after crossing the river. The trek is about 10 kilometres.
Day 6
Dovan Machapuchare BC
Today we gradually emerge from the jungle, gaining altitude higher and higher. The trail runs along the Modi Khola river. All the way we will be surrounded by steep mountainsides, from which in particularly snowy years even avalanches come down. There will be signs warning about it everywhere, so we will pass this section at pace. Trekking is 9 km.
Day 7
Annapurna base camp! Today we are finally at the destination of our itinerary. It is awaiting early exit from Machhapucharre base camp to catch the sunrise below Annapurna. It will be smooth ascent, we gradually walk out to the base camp, going deeper and deeper into the massif. It feels as if you are in the heart of the mountain. After we are spending enough time and capturing everything that surrounds us, we start our descent down. We have lunch at Machapuchare base camp and continue our descent to Bambu village.
Day 8
Bambu Jinu Danda
Jinu Danda Pokhara
Day in Pokhara
This is a descending into the jungle, the air is once again filled with the different aromas of the dense vegetation. We come to the village of Jinu Danda, there we can find natural hot springs standing right on the bank of a mountainous turbulent river. It is highly recommended to visit it! This is the end of the active part of the route.
We will have a short trek through the lower villages and here we are back in the jeeps to Pokhara, there we will be by lunchtime. Accommodation at the hotel is awaiting for us.
This is a rest day in Pokhara. There is the legendary Phewa Lake, there you can rent a colourful boat, you can find also the snow-white Peace Stupa standing on a hill above the city, extreme paragliding with an instructor, the most powerful cascade of waterfalls right in the city. This is only one question: Will we have enough time to see everything? In the evening we will summarise the results of our trekking.
Day 9
Transfer to Kathmandu
Transfer from Pokhara to Kathmandu by comfortable bus along the familiar road. We will arrive in Kathmandu in the afternoon.
We say good bye to Nepal and its capital city. It is possible to leave from the morning.
Day 10
Day 12
Day 13
Day 11
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Trekking to Annapurna Base camp